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      Pasko Sa Nayon (Christmas in the Village)
                  headed by Bro. Eric Bernardo and created to raise funds for Living Word Ministries.

     Pasko sa Nayon is a musical event... with a variety of food served during the event.

     Tickets are $15 per person,
                        $10 child 8-12 yrs old
                       Free for children in the family

     For more information please call Bro Eric or Pastor Dan @ 905-383-3255

     Email :

          "Pasko Sa Nayon" is an upshot of how rousing and blest our recent "Fiesta Sa Nayon" event was of late spring. Fiesta signifies a feast, Pasko means Christmas and Nayon corresponds to a village. Now, take a crack in celebrating the two occasions (Feast and Christmas) together in a Philippine village, and what do you think would crop up? You will have a grand national celebration marked by complexity and richness of details. That is how Filipinos enjoy themselves in this important and revered holiday.
          Christmas is the most anticipated fiesta of the year among the Filipinos and they are proud to proclaim their Christmas tradition to be the longest and merriest in the world. It is a night without sleep and a continuous celebration moving right into Christmas day. That is one reason why we want to portray to all of you by way of this presentation the significance of this event that strengthens relationships among families, that demonstrates a time for sharing, for giving, and a time for food, fun, prizes and friendship.
          Apart from offering a sumptuous feast-like evening meal we will provide wholesome entertainment to let you experience a memorable evening with us. Furthermore, we will call together a folk craft competition for Star lantern (Parol) construction which is a symbol of Christmas in the Philippines that represents the star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi. Pasko sa Nayon presents the way of life a typical rural community goes through. It emerges as a way to celebrate and give thanks to the blessings of Jesus Christ. It is also the time where our faith is intensified. The story of Christmas is based on the biblical account given in the Gospel of Matthew, namely Matthew 1:18- Matthew 2:12.
          Christians believe that the birth of Jesus fulfilled prophecies from the old testament. So why then was Jesus born in a stable in the company of farm animals? Perhaps because animals will welcome Jesus, but people, generally like the innkeeper, will reject Him. That is why Pasko sa Nayon will take you back to the simplicity of learning by heart that the real and only reason for this Christmas season is Jesus. <<<Bro. Eric Bernardo>>>